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Heeeii...Do you know how can a baby was born?Right. It”s the reproduction system. Can you tell me about reproductive system?Yes,the reproductive system is a system of organs within an organism which work together for the purpose of reproduction.
Do you know the organs in the reproduction system?Right. Reproductive organs in male and female differently. The part of male reproduction system is Testicles, Epididymis, Foreskin, Frenulum,Scrotum, Urethra, Glandpenis, Penis, Vasdeferens, vesica seminalis,etc. The part of female Reproduction system is Vagina, Ovaries, Oviduk, Cervix, Clitoris, Fallopian tubes, Vulva, Uterus, Urethra, etc. Human Reproduction System takes place as internal fertilization by sexual intercourse.
Do you know mechanism in human reproduction? First I will tell you the formation of gametes. Male gametes formed in the testes in the scrotum, while the female gametes formed in the ovary. Male gamete formation is
called spermatogenesis and the formation of female gametes called oogesis. And then I will tell you about fertilization and pregnancy. Fertilasi is the process of merging a sperm and an ovum. After ejaculation into the female reproductive tract, the sperm will remain alive for several days. While the ovum will remain fertile for 24 hours after ovulation. After sperm entered uterine contractions in uterus would help donding approached sperm a ovum.
After the sperm meets the ovum, is shown opening in part akroson sperm. Openings will be issued a solvent enzyme oocyte zona pellucida in secondary. After the sperm enters the ovum, will soon change that prevents other sperm entry. Normally sperm lost its tail when would signed to fertilize an ovum.
The process of sperm entry will stimulate the oocyte meiotic division of secondary finishing second. Head of the sperm will be haploid swell and form a male pronucleus. Male pronucleus will fuse with the female pronucleus then formed the nucleus of a dihaploid Zygote. Zygote would grow into an embryo. The embryo would grow in the uterus. then occurs within the female's uterus for approximately nine months, this process is known as pregnancy in humans. Gestation ends with birth, the process of birth is known as labor.
Now you already know how the reproductive process. Why do teens need to know the reproductive health? Adolescent reproductive health needs to know in order to have correct information about the reproductive process and the various factors in the correct information surrounding. with the correct information, teenagers are expected to have the attitude and behavior in charge of the reproduction process Anyone who needs to be told about reproductive health information?
Reproductive process is a continuing process of descent that the joint responsibility of male and female. Because good male and female must know and understand about the various aspects of health reproductive. Mistake where more reproductive problems is the responsibility of women should not happen again.

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